Friday, February 10, 2012


Ok I have been accused of neglecting this blog.....guilty. Who has time to sit and blog??? I am soooo busy....sitting and watching my shows on Netflix and reading OTHER people's blogs!!! But the amount of cute pictures to share has reached maximum capacity so blog I must.

Harper is an angel baby and I really mean that. Her dad blessed her with calmness of spirit and I have seen that in her so much. So sweet. And chubby! Recent Harper pics....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harper Jude Hartley

I guess it's time to make it official and blog about our sweet new baby GIRL - Harper. Even though she's two weeks old, there are still times that I can't believe she's finally here. Our family has been in a nice little holding pattern the last three years - no (big) moves, Jeremy's schooling, and Addie and Davis. With Harper's arrival begins a year of transitions. Jeremy received his first residency interview invitation the week she was born. He will spend the next 4 months traveling (so far the locations are as varied as Phoenix and Wisconsin....) and interviewing for residency spots. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself - like always. For now, here's all about Harper.

She made her arrival on the EXACT DATE Jeremy predicted nine months ago. Addie was born at 38 weeks 0 days, Davis a day earlier at 37 weeks 6 days, so Jeremy joked that this baby would come at 37 weeks, 5 days. And she did.

At midnight, the day I turned 37 weeks 5 days, I woke up and had a few contractions but nothing major. Tried to go back to sleep and my water broke. After a rush around trying to figure out our "plan" (Jeremy asked me what the "plan" was if I were to go into labor in the middle of the night - I looked at him and said THERE WAS NO PLAN!) we made it to the hospital at 1:30 AM, got my epidural by 2:30 AM, was resting comfortably at 3:00 AM, just in time to push at 5:45 AM. Jeremy delivered her - and got to tell me it was a girl - after we had both announced to my doctor and the nurses in the room that we were sure it was gonna be a boy. In fact, there was a bit of an awkward pause after she was born because Jeremy had to "double-check" that she was, in fact, a girl. 

Funny things I want to remember about her labor/delivery:

-Not being sure that my water broke, then standing up and yep, that was my water!
-Jeremy speeding to the hospital because my contractions immediately started out 3-4 minutes apart, and then getting PULLED OVER (luckily no ticket)
-Jeremy dropping me at the maternity entrance and zooming around to park, only to have me chase him down because the maternity entrance is closed after 9 pm. (Had to go through ER)
-The sweet nurse checking my progress to tell me I was at 5, only to have her check me 15 minutes later to tell me I was in fact ready to push!!!
-Jeremy telling me it was a GIRL!
-Calling our family and telling them she had come
-Those first few hours of cuddling and staring - that never gets old


After fretting about her size - I was bigger than I have been with either kiddo and measuring 2 weeks bigger than normal - she was a perfect 8 lbs even and 21 inches long. She has brown hair, that was much darker when she was born and has since lightened a bit. She definitely reminds of me Addie in her coloring, but there are times when I see so much of Davis in her. 

I have wanted to use the name Harper since Addie was born but loved Addie more. My college roommate (yes it wasn't til college that I really appreciated the book) got me to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird and I just loved it - but couldn't bring myself to use the name Scout or Atticus (although we considered Atticus for about .2 seconds when Davis was born). So Harper it was. We went back and forth about her middle name. Jude is after my mom - Judy, who is called by my dad the majority of the time "Jude". I won't get into the reasons why my mom is amazing, mostly because she would totally hate me doing that - but she is super smart, wonderful, strong, funny and caring, just to name a few.  Anyway, Harper Jude. We love it. I've already had to correct people on which is her first and last name - oh well, small price to pay for a name we love.

I am only two weeks into this "mother of three" thing - but I can say she is just the sweetest thing. I have been able to adjust better than I was hoping (so far). It helped to have my mom and sister visit to help occupy Addie and Davis and run the house for me. Jeremy has been a help too, especially with all of his residency applications due and studying for the second part of his boards that he will take in November. Plus friends and family have been more than willing to help - we are really blessed.

Recovery has been awesome - I physically am feeling great besides the normal tired-ness but by now it's not that big of a deal. Addie and Davis have been great helpers. Davis was a little more emotional than normal, but he has been so sweet to "Baby Harper" - and he can't say his "r's" so it sounds even sweeter when he says it.

I'm finding that with Harper, I'm more relaxed and enjoying the newborn stage. Even her night-wakings are not a big deal, it's the only time I get to feed her without Addie and Davis hovering over her face and giving her love. Her cries don't seem to "stress me" nearly as much as Addie and Davis' did. I got some great advice from friends to just keep expectations low and so far, we've all been adjusting really well.

Anyway, onto the good stuff - pictures!!!!

I made Jeremy take a pic with me after my epidural kicked in. We were soooo happy she was finally on her way!!!! (After this picture Jeremy immediately fell asleep and stayed asleep until I had to wake him to tell him that yes, in fact, it was time to push.)

 I was totally shocked that she was "only" 8 lbs even.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Prepare for a Baby (when you don't know if it's a boy or girl...)

One of my favorite comments when people find out that we kept the gender a surprise is "Oh you must be so laid back, I'm way too much of a planner to not find out." Those of you who know me well know that I am a Planner with a capital P. Keeping the gender a surprise is totally doable - in fact, it adds an additional element of planning that I love. 

So, here's how I've gotten as ready for Hartley Baby #3 as of now:

1- Pull out Addie & Davis' newborn totes. Re-sort and wash the things I love and want to re-use. 
2- Order neutral carseat.

3-Hang pictures in the Living Room with a glaring EMPTY frame just waiting for a sweet, chubby face to fill it. 

4-Buy a new coming-home outfit for either a boy or a girl, keep the receipt so the un-needed gender outfit can be returned. 

5-Try to stay comfortable while feeling HUGE (this is way bigger than my stomach was with Addie OR Davis when I delivered and I still have 2 1/2 or 3 weeks to go....) 

6- Enjoy the last few weeks with just these two to gobble up my attention.

Addie and Davis both came on their own at 38 weeks, actually Davis came at 37 weeks 5 days, and both were over 8 lbs. So we're hoping for a healthy baby that maybe could follow in it's brother and sister's footsteps and come a couple weeks early. We shall see!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Idaho & Disneyland

I have way too many pictures to even attempt to describe all of them. Here's a brief recap.

The kids and I flew to Idaho the beginning of June. We were on a small plane that only had two seats on each side of the aisle. I was unsure about putting the two kids side-by-side, with me on the other side of the aisle but it worked out great. Can I just say my kids are such champs - they did so great on that flight. It could be because Jeremy had the brilliant idea to borrow two iPod Touches from a friend of his and loaded each with the kids' favorite movies and games - the ant squisher game was a favorite. I found myself BORED on the flight wishing I had brought something to do but figured being bored on an airplane with two kids is NOT a bad position to be in!

Idaho was so much fun. We love visiting with all our family there. Throwing a baby shower for two of my sister-in-laws was so fun. I need to get the pictures that Jeremy's amazingly talented sister took of the showers and give them their own post.

Then it was off to California, where Jeremy met up with us and we hit up the beach and Disneyland.

These pictures of Davis at the beach are the best. He was truly terrified of the waves but loved chasing them and running around being chased by them. 

In no particular order, here are some of the pictures we took from our beach day:

I just have to say my kids were at such a fun age to take to Disneyland. Addie loved some of the "older" rides but was still amazed and starstruck at the sight of princesses, Davis loved seeing Woody and Buzz, Darth Vader, etc. 

Addie and I had a special mommy and me morning at the Princess Breakfast. I was feeling really good about our decision to splurge on the meet and greet until later that afternoon. On a whim, I took my 8 year old niece and Addie to see the "Royal Coronation" in the Princess Faire area of Disneyland while some kids slept (Davis took a nap on Jeremy's chest - unbelievable!!!) and some went on the older rides. Anyway, we went and it was so fabulous. There was hardly anybody there, it's in a covered pavilion, there were 3 princesses in attendance and the kids got to go up front to "dance" with them, they even did a maypole with each of the princesses. Then afterwards, they all came out and took pictures. Unbelievable. 

So word to the wise for those of you going in the future. It was just as fun for Addie but was, you know, FREE, so in the future I would just do that. (OH, and pertinent side note - 7 months pregnant was pushing my limits just a tad..poor ankles were huge by the end of the day and it took my feet days to recover. But looking at the pics - so worth it!)

Anyway - here are the pics I took. (Most on my phone.)

Here are the Princess Breakfast photos. We had to RUN to get to it on time from the other end of Disneyland all the way to California Adventure... I was sooo happy to sit down at the air conditioned table and have that sweet waiter bring me a Diet Coke (and another, and another....)  Our neighbors took our picture from probably the worst angle possible even when you're not 7 months pregnant, but I had to document our special morning together.

And here are the Coronation photos. Totally DO THAT instead for anybody going in the future.